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14 December 1980
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What's supposed to be in here?
Well, nothing, actually.
This used to be my personal blog until I decided to move all my entries to my own domain; I was partly tired of Livejournal's new policies and changes, and partly fed up with some users' attitude. Netiquette, or lack of one in any case, and whatnot. But I still keep this account so I can keep track of my F-list and the communities I follow; I occasionally post to it, but all entries are friends-locked or filtered.

Other than that, my list of interests and communities should give an idea of what I like and tend to talk about. And by reading this profile you probably got the impression that I'm perpetually annoyed at one thing or the another... well, that's true, too, only that I try not to be a jerk about that. I don't bite, I just rant a lot.

But, anyway, what's with all those "friending policies" and whatnot here at LJcom? Or the "You aren't in my F-list so I don't know why you're posting to my very PUBLIC journal" reactions, for that matter. This blog is friends-only for the time being, but you're free to friend me if you feel like: just be aware that there isn't much to see in here, actually. All relevant posts are at my blog at my personal domain, a very public, very sporadically updated journal in Spanish. But at least there's more space-filler over there than in here.
Also, if you're looking for my doujinshi or Sengoku BASARA scans, you're in the wrong place: they're also posted at my personal site.
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I'm pretty fed up with all people who reuse fanarts for their icons/graphics without permission. Or in general: without taking their time to go through the fansites they loot and READ what the original artist asks or requires. I can say for sure that almost all Japanese fanart artists require you to ask them for their permission to reuse any of their illustrations, NOT simply give them credit or link their sites back. It's amazing the amount of people who apparently don't know how to read, but how fluent they are when giving excuses and explaining why they aren't asking for permission/even caring to remember where they took those fanarts from.

Oh, and stating "Pixiv", "Google Search" or "That Funky Image Site" as credits doesn't make it.